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  Beeswax Facts    

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Beeswax is the secretion from worker bees used for the building of combs and the sealing of stores of honey.


The secretion of beeswax is produced by glands on the underside of the bee's abdomen. These glands become active when a bee is roughly 8 to 17 days old.

What does it take to produce one pound of Beeswax ?
bullet160,000 honeybees
bulletMust fly approximately 150,000 miles
bulletwhile collecting pollen for 60 pounds of honey
bulletBees need to eat 10 to 13 kg of honey to produce 1 kg of wax.

Pure beeswax is one of nature's most perfect products,
and is far superior to any other type of candle wax.

  The temperature of the hive is critical and must remain between 92 - 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  Additionally, an extra supply of food (Pollen) must be available to the worker bees that are of the correct age for secreting wax.  
  Beeswax is so pure that is actually has the highest melting point of any natural wax - 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

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