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Company History

Longlight Candle Systems are now manufactured and marketed by Longlight Candles, LLC.

During his travels to Germany, in the 1960's, Mr. Dale Cox saw washsstock (coiled) Beeswax candles and was intrigued by the beauty, uniqueness and wonderful aroma. These candles were a beautiful golden brown approximately 20 feet long and formed into a horizontal coil. Having never seen them in the United States, he had a “long time” desire to develop the production of a comparable coiled candle system.

In the early 2000's Mr. Cox, as the President of Candtec, LLC, spent more than a year in the candle development process. It proved to be a very difficult task to produce a 20 foot long Beeswax candle. Since it was impractical to dip or mold a candle of this length, the development included designing and building an extrusion system for the Beeswax that would produce the necessary flexibility for the candle to work properly while maintaining the elegance and many other desirable traits of Beeswax.

The challenge of developing this candle also included the development of a unique candle base and candleholder to handle a 20 foot long candle. The result of Mr. Cox labors resulted in a beautiful, unique and long burning Longlight Candle System. It was called a candle system because it included the 20 foot long candle, a beautiful decorator base and a unique candleholder with a self extinguishing feature that puts the candle out when it burns down to the candleholder.

In March 2007 Longlight Candles, LLC purchased the exclusive rights to the design, manufacture and marketing of the Longlight Candle Systems from Candtec, LLC. Future plans include offering additional selections of colors and fragrances.


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